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The Principal Trainer

At Mr Kwang's Instruction, we have some of his relevant credentials published here. Do note that it is not necessary for him to publish these credentials. However, he feels that such credentials will serve as a motivation to his students as well as attendees of the workshop. Note that sensitive information on the certificates have been "Greyed-out" to protect the personal life of Mr Kwang. Parents and clients may request to see his hard copy 'O' and 'A' Level certificates with advanced notice. He insists on being receptive to such requests because he wants parents, students and workshop attendees to know and be assured that they are taking advice and lessons from a top straight 'A' performance coach who knows what he is talking about. In addition to his personal academic achievements, Mr Kwang has also personally mentored and groomed many of his students to achieve similar results.

Mr Kwang's 'O' Level Results
O Level English Super Tutor Credentials 1
Mr Kwang's 'A' Level Results
O Level English Super Tutor Credentials 2

Summary of results: Highest grade achieved for all subjects displayed above

These academic certificates are but a small indication to the rest of Mr Kwang's extensive academic credentials and teaching achievements. Participants of the workshops will get to find out more about Mr Kwang when they meet him in person. 

Head Of Curriculum & Senior Trainer

Ms M. Lim is a former MOE Lecturer with extensive curriculum knowledge and expertise. Over the course of her work, she has mentored many teachers and trainers in the skills of dynamic classroom pedagogy. Additionally, Ms Lim has personally mentored many of her students to achieve their distinctions and excellent results. Ms Lim firmly believes that the curriculum and training methodology must always be in sync (a core value of our founding team). As such, she insists on taking on the dual roles of training and curriculum management so that she can be the linking bridge between the training department and the curriculum team. 

The Team

All our trainers are highly qualified and selected based on very extensive criteria. Trainers also receive comprehensive guidance and mentorship from the principal trainer and founding team. 

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