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Here's why our Online-LIVE lessons

are the way to go for 2022 !

Offering absolutely 100% of our much loved programme and so much more!

Find out why our online programme is so different from everything you know about "home-based learning"


Lessons are 100% LIVE with the instructor

No pre-recorded lectures and videos. We know that nobody watches them ;) Every session is LIVE with the instructor and gives you the experience of having an intense discussion LIVE right at home. 


Amazing Class Interactions. Always

Red Hand

You'll be surprised how easy it is to ask questions in class! You no longer have to raise your hand and wait for the instructor to call your name. Our unique Q&A system allows the instructor to address your question almost immediately!

This feedback loop is key to the efficacy of our programme and accelerates your learning process tremendously. 


A Front Row Seat

with Crystal Clear Details. Everytime

No more squinting at the whiteboard. You will now be able to see EVERYTHING. Thanks to the the high display resolution of our online whiteboard, it's possible to see every little detail right on your computer screen; as if you are sitting right at the front! 

This comes in handy for a subject like English, where we have to make constant references to lines of text! In this respect, we are able to drill down to details which are simply not possible in standard physical classrooms. 

In short, the level of granularity we can achieve far exceeds any other form of lesson delivery!


Zero Setup. Zero Hassle

No complicated installations. No complicated software. None. Nada. Zilch. Our system is so robust that we have had ZERO technical difficulties. And in case you were wondering, our custom online lesson platform is by far one of the most stable in the industry. 

All you need is a laptop/desktop with a comfortable pair of earbuds (with mic) and you are ready to party!


Health, Safety

and Comfort

We still live in an uncertain world with looming threats to our health. And we will strive to do our part in reducing the health risks faced by our students. 

No matter how you slice this cake, it is still safer to have lessons in the comfort of home. And don't you want to take off your mask when you are busy learning some important examination strategies?

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