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Amused vs Bemused

These two words may often be confused, but bemused means "bewildered, baffled, or confused" and has absolutely nothing to do with amusement, or humour, or anything to do with entertainment. Test yourself!

  1. I was amused / bemused at her sudden decision to quit.

  2. The unnecessarily complex movie plot left me amused / bemused.

  3. I was amused / bemused by her antics.

  4. You look amused / bemused; should I repeat the question?

  5. The silly comedy amused / bemused me.


  1. bemused

  2. bemused

  3. amused - This is a tricky question as both words seem to fit in. However, since antics usually refer to foolish, outrageous and amusing behaviour, amused is more appropriate.

  4. bemused

  5. amused

So whenever you come across this word, remember that they mean nothing the same!

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