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Another 5 WAYS Enhance Your Writing Proficiency

Often people struggle to write well in English and any attempt to improve it may seem like a real challenge. But don't worry. Here are some easy steps you can take with your writing skills to develop your written English and impress your reader or marker.

1. Proactively widen your vocabulary

It will help if you have a good active vocabulary to express yourself clearly. Not only must you know a lot of words, it means that you can use them correctly in your writing. Do this by learning new terms every day by using sentences with various examples. Don't just memorise word lists. That method never works.

Side note: Try to learn all the aspects of that word and the prepositions which are commonly associated with it when you learn a new term.

2. Master English Spelling

Sorry to say, you need to learn how to spell certain words correctly, and there are no two ways about it. Incorrect spelling changes the context of your sentence. For example, The sound of' bar' and' bear' is the same, except' bar' obviously means something very different from a big animal. Incorrect spelling complicates the reader's comprehension of what you have written and will be penalised heavily.

Side note: Use the good 'old fashioned flashcards to practice spelling and check yourself whenever you have any time to spare.

3. Reading daily

People often say we can write about what we know best. In many respects, it's useful to read in English. It's a great way to get a feel for the different writing types and see how to use various words properly.

Side note: Select books or articles about topics you're genuinely interested in. The research must not be dull, lest you lose interest and give up altogether. Go through the materials to ensure you learn how to use different words and expressions in the language.

4. Improving your grammar

Grammar is absolutely necessary because it increases the quality and flow of your writing. Always use appropriate tenses and do not fail to use accurate punctuation. Punctuations are an excellent way to pace and smoothen your prose.

Side note: Read your writing twice at all times. First of all, search for general errors and then search for errors with the grammar or sentence structure.

5. Just get started! Seriously!

Starting is probably the most overwhelming part. Nonetheless, taking a pen and paper or sitting in front of the computer is the best way to improve it. Be prepared to write multiple versions of each text because the first draft is never flawless even for professional writers. Please remember, preparation is essential. Of course, if your schedule permits, get yourself in a good O Level English Tuition Programme like our Super-Weekly Class.

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