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To what extent should risk-taking be encouraged?

Sometimes, watching films can be a useful way to retain information better. recommends The Zookeepers Wife as a powerful historical drama that portrays Antonina Zabiński and her husband Dr. Jan Zabiński in 1939 Poland.

During the war, Antonina and her husband's Warsaw zoo was slated to be liquidated for the war effort. However, they managed to convince the head of Berlin's Zoo to allow them to operate as a pig farm. In the guise of providing food for the German soldier's, the Zabińskis were actually secretly rescuing the Jews out of the ghetto, into the shelter of their zoo. They have successfully rescued over 300 Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto.

For questions that ask "to what extent", you may want to make use of certain circumstances to address the extent. For instance, in times of war, when a person's life is at stake, should risk-taking then be encouraged?

In this scenario, the Zabińskis do think that it is worth their time, effort, and even their lives to lend a helping hand to the Jews. Unlike Hitler, they do not view the Jews as inferior beings and instead see them as individuals that require more help.

For an argument to be more convincing, readers must find its claim complex. Whenever you see questions that ask "to what extent", bring in a circumstance or scenario that could help to make simple arguments more compelling.

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