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Determined students from over 100 schools across Singapore have obtained the secrets!

"My compre improved a lot... seriously a lot. And my Oral as well. I used to be able to talk, but after the course I was able to talk objectively. I was able to get to the point and get the marks. It was very good... like a laser. I jumped by 3 grades and it was a large improvement given the short amount of time we had before the exams. If only the time we had together could be longer by a few more months. That 3 grade jump reduced my L1R5 by 3 points and that's a lot…


It helped me with my Chinese oral and Chinese comprehension as well. It actually helps in every aspect of language. The course is not just about content but also about skills. So it's able to be applied both ways. The skills I learnt for comprehension were used for both Chinese and English. Same for Oral and Listening. It's very efficient...


It helps for Sciences as well because the skills I learnt helped me analyse the questions for Physics and Chemistry. So it works for pretty much all my subjects!


Up till now, these skills are still helping me with my work in JC. Just do it. It works." 


- Jiasen

“I’ve gained Comprehension techniques, Composition techniques, General Info, Improvement in English marks and more new words...” 


- Vince

“I find this programme enjoyable and beneficial. I benefitted a lot from it! Before Secondary 4, I've always thought that English was a piece of cake and I need not put in effort for it as I practise English very frequently. However I found out that there is a certain technique required for exam papers that I lack and this programme allowed me to learn that. Btw, before this programme, I've never had any tuition and this first tuition experience was very fun...” 


- Bo Yi

"I have improved my Comprehension skills and have a wider vocabulary..." 


- Eleanor 

"My overall understanding of the English subject has improved. Learnt stuff that I never knew and exam tips. It has greatly enhanced my English and in turn, boosted my grade..." 


- Sean

"I found this intensive programme very beneficial to me, especially the techniques you have taught in Comprehension. In the past, I always struggled with time management in my Paper 2. Now, with the skills I have learnt, doing comprehension is like no kick. I would like to thank you for your guidance..." 


- Zi Xiang

“HAHA!!! Cool … I’ve really benefitted ‘cause my views on English before the programme was like: “Don’t study also will get an A one” LOL. But after this programme, it has managed to change my views and even got me a better grade. I am taking the old 1127 English this year and I have managed to pull up my summary from a 10/25 to a powerful 19/25. (Thx Mr. Kwang!!!) SO YEAH!!! I am definitely recommending this course to me friends Lool…” 


- Kyle

"This programme helped me to sharpen my comprehension skills, oral skills and composition skills. I have jumped 2 grades higher because of this. The teacher is interesting and allows the students to concentrate and he is open minded for ideas to be exchanged in class. Therefore this programme has benefitted me greatly..." 


- Jason

"I have benefitted in terms of vocabulary. My sentence structure has improved and so has my time management during the practices..." 


- Zuhri

"Ok yoyo. Yesterday I realised some stuff about my English and yeah I can say that I did waaaaaaay better than last time yo because I got an A during my prelims when I was attending this course..." 


- Mark

"I've learnt how to approach and tackle my comprehension (like finally). I also found out about my problems in English thanks to Mr Kwang's never ending guidance during the consultation periods; this has allowed me to improve tremendously in my essay writing and my situationals! :)" 


- Mee Yee

"It was FUN and INTERESTING!" 


- Siti Ayishah

"The principles learnt can help in life." 


- Nicole



- Hui Ni

"This taught me everything... I feel more interested and motivated to study!" 


- Joy

"Enriching and Fruitful!" 


- Tim

"This workshop is very interesting and it changes my feeling towards English!" 


- Si Hui

"Very Informative and Effective!" 


- Jun Xiang


- Sean

and many more inspired students!

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